About Us

About RRSI:
Revenue Recovery Solutions Inc. was formed in mid-2010. Using superior technology allows us continuously to provide outstanding customer service. Our approach to client relationships spurred RRSI to rapidly become the largest privatized collection service for delinquent tangible taxes in Florida.

Since September 2010, RRSI has provided a service which affords the Tax Collector the opportunity to outsource the collection of delinquent tangible personal property taxes without any cost to the Tax Collector's. Utilizing the same commitment to technology, our company developed a customized collection and reporting system that will allow the Tax Collector the ability to easily track and manage the tangible collection process.

Revenue Recovery Solutions Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Palmetto, FL. Our server hardware is located in data centers around the world. Implementing the latest cloud virtualization technology enables RRSI to provide the highest levels and highest degrees of durability, security and reliability.

Model Outline for RRSI: