Reduce the man power, cost & risk while maximizing revenue collection.
- The fastest and simplest way to track & collect delinquent Tangible Personal Property Taxes.
Sound collections based on the Tax Collector's preference and performed according to Florida Statutes.
- Providing fully trained field agents, In addition to soft contact such as telephone and direct mail.
Over 25 years of revenue collection experience.
- It is our experience and proven collection techniques that set us apart from a traditional collection agency.
Our clients will have access to the progression of our collection activity
- Access will display live county stat reports, immediate agent activity information, summary reports and more.

Why Revenue Recovery?

Relieve County Staff

Revenue Recovery affords the Tax Collector the opportunity to outsource the collection process, freeing up time for other Tax Collector duties.


The service is provided at no cost to the Tax Collector. All costs will be passed on pursuant to Florida Statutes.

Web Access

County receives access to private website to monitor and all activity regarding accounts. (24/7)

Field Presence

We will provide fully trained field agents to physically visit each delinquent account.

Support Staff

Our trained support staff will be responsible for handling all correspondence with taxpayer and providing the Tax Collector with updates and reports to monitor collection progress. As well as supporting field agent efforts.

Latest Technology

Integrating today's latest technology, Revenue Recovery is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the collection process.


"Saving taxpayer dollars in creative and cost effective ways is what Revenue Recovery brings to the modern day tax collector's office. We are pleased to have formed this professional relationship and look forward to a successful outcome"

~ Janet Holley, Escambia County Tax Collector

"Even though our office already collects over 99% of the tangible personal property taxes, I signed with Revenue Recovery simply as a cost saving measure for the office. Collecting delinquents is very expensive and with Revenue Recovery, I am able to pass these costs to the delinquent taxpayers. I am now able to use my resources more wisely. I am confident that with the knowledge of the "top personal property man" in the state (Ray Williams), Revenue Recovery will keep my office collection rate the same or better!"

~ Suzanne Johnston, Flagler County Tax Collector

"We believe that deploying Revenue Recovery Solutions will benefit our taxpayers while saving time and resources for Pinellas County. Our goal is to ensure all delinquent and outstanding taxes are collected."

~ Diane Nelson, Pinellas County Tax Collector

"My full confidence is placed in the leadership and experience of Ray Williams. He is the right choice at the right time to lead an effort in collecting delinquent personal property taxes for Florida Tax Collectors. Revenue Recovery will handle the difficult issues involved in enforcing delinquent tangible personal property which will allow my staff to focus on our core collections. We are expecting to see a sizable reduction in our office's collection costs."

~ John M. Drew, Nassau County Tax Collector

I am excited to be working with Revenue Recovery and Ray Williams. Small counties have some unique funding issues that make collecting delinquent tangible personal property taxes more challenging. Revenue Recovery will enable me to collect the delinquent taxes without spending any more taxpayer dollars."

~ Gail Jones, Glades County Tax Collector

"As an elected official and public servant I am always looking for better ways of serving the taxpayers. Contracting with Revenue Recovery and Realauction is a way of improving our service in a cost effective way. Kudos to the creative minds that developed this option."

~ Sharon W. Jordan, Suwannee County Tax Collector

"I'm looking forward to dealing with Ray Williams and Revenue Recovery Solutions. I'm certain their expertise will enable us to collect more of the county's delinquent personal property revenue without any additional expense to the county. I'm also confident that during field visits, their representatives will treat our customers with the same courtesy and respect I require of my employees."

~ Celeste Watford, Okeechobee County Tax Collector